Exhibition at the bank, Banca Generali Private, in a beautiful villa right by Lake Como, in the centre of the town. I'm privileged to be showing in 5 rooms about 30 works of digital art.

Each room has a theme:

1.Joy in the Reception Room
A room dedicated to Lake Como

2. Passion in the Meeting Room,
A room dedicated to nature

3. Vigour in the Gentileschi Room
A room dedicated to flowers

4. Amazement in the Giotto Room
A room dedicated to the suggestive atmosphere at night

5. Wonder in the Gauguin Room.
A room dedicated to exotic travel

Please find below the information on opening times.

Banca Generali Private Como
Lungolario Trento 9/Piazza Volta 44
From 22 March to 5 July 2024
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9 - 13/14 - 17.30
For a guided tour call Irma: 338 1907860

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