Well I can't say I'm not using my outdoor office anymore, as you see my table on the terrace looks like a cake with loads of icing! So it's only indoor working now with a sad lamp for those dark days but actually there aren't too many! Como and Brunate look great dressed in white. I can still get to Como with the funicular when the roads are bad and Luca has given up taking his car to work all together .
I'm designing scarves for the same company as last year and trying to collaborate with India to get some samples made of my own designs. This seems like a huge feat as communication is very slack so I just have to keep up those emails, hoping sooner or laler somebody answers!
I had a fun trip with the freccia rossa or red arrow train which got me to Florence in just 2 hours, leaving from Milan! The trip was magic and snowy all the way until we got to Florence and there was no snow but an icy wind! I was so happy to be back there since I left Florence in 1994 and rarely go back. The Duomo is always amazing! I went to PItti casa to find new clients for my interior design range. Need to follow up those contacts now!
..and to keep away those winter chills heres's my first attempt at old recipe from this area, so filling and no sugar, butter or flour:

- 500 g Chestnut flour
- 1 liter water
- handful pinenuts
- handful raisins soaked in water for 30 mins
- olive oil

mix the flour and water together, adding the raisins and pinenuts. You will get quite a liquid consistency. Dribble a little good quality olive oil all over. Bake in an oiled pyrex dish at 180°C in a preheated oven for an hour. The top should look cracked when done. EAT IT WARM

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