Just to say over €18,000 was made at the Christie's auction, enough to fund a years research in leukemia. It was an amazing evening and wonderful to meet so many of the other participating artists. All the works were sold. Here are a few photos for all of you who were unable to come to remember the occasion. Now it's head down and time to pack for India!

I leave on the second of December flying via Athens. Gina, my architect friend is going to follow a mud brick building course in Auroville. It is several years now since I have been back and I am very excited. I will do my textile research and hopefully visit a few temples as the area called Tamil Nadu is famous for its temples.

We fly directly to Madras (Chennai) and then go to Mamallapuram, Pondicherry and finally Auroville. All just names now but I will give you my impressions on my return (December 20th.) I will of course be taking my sketch books as always but i will also be taking some fabrics I have been developping here in Italy to finish as scarves. My idea is to sell them online so I will be putiing them on my website.
Until then wishing you all a very happy festive season!

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