Autumn is here and I'm enjoying the fruits of summer..our luscious purple figs and tangy bramley apples, not to mention the American style small purple grapes. We also have some tiny sweet apples which it would be good to know the name of. We might even have pears next year but we need to protect it from the munching curly horned mountain goats called 'moufflone'. They have just about eaten half it's leaves. They wake us up at night baa-ing and you can hear the clip clop of their hooves as they run off down the street. (I fear we won't be seeing much of them from now on as the hunting season has started.)
The exceptional weather has meant I have been working outside, from March I have practically never used my inside studio and am always working on our front terrace. (There have been some exceptional sunsets at night.) I have been able to develop some new ideas for scarves and will keep working on them. I am also researching new painting ideas based on my last trip tp Morocco. Last weekend I went to Freize artfair in London to check out what is happening in the art scene! I came home feeling very inspired.
October and November will be busy as I have 17 Japanese designs to develop using Kimono's from the 19th Century. This will mean a lot of work on the computer which is no bad thing as I need these skills. What I really want is to start drawing on the ipad and iphone, this would reduce my bills in sketchbooks which I seem to devour. Here are some of my latest works done in Como Nuoto, the open air pool by Lake Como. NB scroll down the photos to see all 5 images.

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