A new season is beginning and I want to get my creativity flowing again, I went to Milanounica, a fashion fair that happens twice a year. It gave the colour predictions for Aut/winter 2012/13. There were a lot of fabric suppliers and accessory stands. I hope to keep my hand in textiles and am looking to create my own scarf line sooner rather than later.
I had a fabulous summer going from Sardinia to the island Maddalena (between Sardinia and Corsica) and then onto Bonifacio. Bonifacio has the most amazing white limestone cliffs. The colours of the water and the light on the rocks really captured my imagination. I want to paint parallel to the textiles. There are lots of ideas! i could have spent a month sitting painting rocks! As always one needs time and loads of art materials. How now to make sense of all the colours and images?
One of the best things I did this summer was to buy an underwater camera by Olympus. It was great to mess around with it and I got some great shots-let's see where those images lead me!

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