This year gave us more cherries than I have ever seen! Please help yourselves from this bowl!
This is just to catch up with a few of our little trips. Paris had a huge surprise for me. The Grand Palais has been restored and now houses the incredible sculpture by Anish Kapoor.You can even walk inside this gigantic aubergine. Inside it is red and I presume like being in a womb. It is warm and everyhing is diffused with a warm glow. I was left totally bowled over. We also saw an exhibition comparing Raoul Dufy to his brother Jean Dufy. It was very interestng. I so identify with Raoul..his love for movement and music. His themes are the sea, boats, horse races, the circus and concerts...both brothers celebrate life!
Mykonos gave us a 4 days of sun and very unusual for Myknonos, no wind! I love the beaches there! Sand and gorgeous waters!
Finally a little boat trip on Lake Como. There were the annual fireworks on the Isola Comacina commemorating the setting alight of the island by the Milanese in 1100's. The music was dramatic and the fireworks lasted for ever. Even our Indian friends were impressed.

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