Spring is here! We have even celebrated Indian Holi, it's time to have fun with colour! In India people throw colours all over each other, we just restrained ourselves and put a bit of pink pigment on Anand and Poorvaja! I had to let rip though and use more colour than that so I painted a panel for Luca's new office by the Duomo in Como. It was fun to work BIG! 2m x 3.6m.....I was inspired by street art and graffiti. Being a marketing and communication agency it was fit to use old posters from the 30's through to the present day. I used ice-cream containers to mix the colours and as always the desire to eat the colours came to mind!
Luca and his partner Davide come up with some great ideas for work but also for leisure..their work tables with just the addition of a table tennis net became the central focus for their opening party as people challenged each other to a game. If you want to see more of what they do have a click on their website

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