March continues with the exploration of Indian culture. Poorvaja is teaching us Bolly-yog...she starts her class with Yoga and then continues into her dance class. The dance is inspired by a song about a beautiful girl who loses her ear-rings in a market. The dance accompanies the words with movements portraying her story.

You can see her dance following this link

and also see it on youtube -aaja nachle.

Poorvaja and her husband have just celebrated a special day for married couples. She wore a yellow thread that the husband ties it around the wife's neck...symbolizing the bond between them. She dressed up in a kamiz (top) and salwar (trousers) with a gorgeous dupatta (scarf). It is great that for most celebrations they draw a picture or mandala (or kolum, Tamil word for it,) usually with rice flour on the ground but here Poorvaja improvised and drew one with a biro on paper!

I am working at the moment on a mural 2 x 3.6m for my husband Luca's has to ready by the 25th of March when he has his office warming party. I will post the final result!

Otherwise Spring is the moment to sow seeds, wether they be ideas or real seeds. Lisa Weinberg my Dutch friend and I sowed carrots, zucchini, potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes and salad. We also experimented with some flowers.

This is also a period when I am thinking up new projects and hope to work more on my textiles and paintings. My enthusiam for painting is shared by 2 very young artists, Rebecca who is 3 and a half and Carolina who's 4 and a half. Here are flowers by Rebecca. These 2 budding artists have a weekly painting class with me.

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