After many days of snow and working hard in my my studio, I have produced many new pieces. I am very inspired at the moment to paint animals. I tried my first leopard on a sea coloured background. I need to use turquoise. I keep buying turquoise clothes and accesories so it's normal that it should come out in my work!
This past weekend the sun shone gloriously after another heavy snowfall. Luca, my husband and I went down to Como to get my snow tyres fixed and took advantage of the wait to walk by the lake....the seagulls were whirling in the crisp air. We ate at L'Osteria del Gallo in Via Vitani, our favourite restaurant. Giuseppe the owner is obsessed with cockerels and has a huge collection. I ate pumpkin ravioli but I am sure when I try my hand at them next week that they will be better. I will keep you posted!
On the subject of food this brings us to the delicate subject of the Italian Christmas cake. The Italians eat panettone which I think is like eating cotton wool personally although I like to pick out the 'canditi' or candied mixed peel, however there is also Pan D'Oro and La Veneziana. The mountians surrounding the lake look like a Pan D'Oro cake which is brown with a dusting of icing sugar. It is more of a sponge cake. La Veneziana is like the Panettone but without the raisins and covered in crytalized sugar and almonds. I hope wherever you are you have a 'dolce' Christmas!

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