It's been 2 weeks since I got back from the UK and it already seems like a lot longer. The Nehru show was a great turn out celebrating 20 years of cultural events, with about 20 different women artists. Consequently I decided to enter 2 out of 3 of my paintings for the Royal Academy Summer exhibition, but I won't know if I have been accepted until the end of May!
Certainly a highlight of my trip was the David Hockney at the RA. If he has all that energy at his age, and he must be nearly 70 and making some of the largest 'en plein air paintings' on record, then there is hope for me yet! His energy is quite amazing, but when you do what you love the more you do the more inspired you feel, unless you burn yourself out..but he doesn't seem the kind. Hockney comes across as a very rational artist and passionate at the same time....
I have come back inspired to paint and all free time when not designing for the fashion industry I am back at my easel. Morocco still inspires me big time...I hope to exhibit there one day in the near future.....