I have started to collaborate at my local junior school. Lesson one was to transform Pukka tea bag wrappers into art using only biodegradable materials. The theme was to create a mandala, meaning one with the universe in Sanscrit. Mandalas are usually circular and so we used round paper plates and a homemade vegan glue from flour and sugar! Jenny Tallberg another local artist from Finland decided to join me.



 On a glorious day in the local park all 22 kids helped create a natural mandala from previously collected vegetation. There were sweet chestnuts, leaves of every hue, flowers and even a small pumpkin! These children were aged from  6-9 and we have repeated the same lesson with the other half of the school which are 9-11. There is no senior school in Brunate. These children seem very enthusiastic especially as I  speak...


Recently I exhibited in the beautiful Liberty Villa Giuliani in Brunate, Como.
Hundreds of visitors came from all over the world only they were mainly adults. On my closing day I was asked to make a proposal to teach at the local junior school and it was accepted. So I can finally reach out to kids to share my enthusiasm for art.



 My new indigo scarves have arrived from Colours of Nature, in Auroville. (Auroville  is situated in Tamil Nadu in Southern India.) Here my design was first made in blocks  with nails and the wax applied using the batik method. Once the tiger parts were printed the eco friendly dying process was completed. 

Look at  the printer with his s...


I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who have come to the show. Your support is greatly appreciated. For those of you unable to make it here are a few photos...I will now be working on new ideas which I will shortly be sharing with you as Spring is just around the corner bringing with it many surprises! Here is the link to my scarf video which I hope you will enjoy watching, it only takes a minute!


Hello everybody,
I have been quiet for too long! Now it's time to update you on my new projects.....
I am starting a line of handpainted scarves. The first cotton pareos with tigers were a great success. Each pareo had a small tsunami doll attached to it to. These dolls are made in Auroville is Southern India by women to help make money after the disasterous tsunami that hit many of them. 


Well I can't say I'm not using my outdoor office anymore, as you see my table on the terrace looks like a cake with loads of icing! So it's only indoor working now with a sad lamp for those dark days but actually there aren't too many! Como and Brunate look great dressed in white. I can still get to Como with the funicular when the roads are bad and Luca has given up taking his car to work all together .
I'm designing sca...


I am back from India and find myself thinking it must have all been a dream but this blog is helping me relive my trip. .....I arrived in Chennai on December 4th at 3am and took a lovely old white Ambassador taxi to Mamamallapuram, only I almost did not get there as we ran out of petrol. Fortunately the driver flagged down a motorbike and a guy brought us a plastic bottle full of petrol, enough to get us to our hotel. The zone turned...

Just to say over €18,000 was made at the Christie's auction, enough to fund a years research in leukemia. It was an amazing evening and wonderful to meet so many of the other participating artists. All the works were sold. Here are a few photos for all of you who were unable to come to remember the occasion. Now it's head down and time to pack for India!

 I leave on the second of December flying via Athens....

Autumn is here and I'm enjoying the fruits of summer..our luscious purple figs and tangy bramley apples, not to mention the American style small purple grapes. We also have some tiny sweet apples which it would be good to know the name of. We might even have pears next year but we need to protect it from the munching  curly horned mountain goats called 'moufflone'. They have just about eaten half it's leaves. They wake us up at nig...

A new season is beginning and I want to get my creativity flowing again, I went to Milanounica, a fashion fair that happens twice a year. It gave the colour predictions for Aut/winter 2012/13. There were a lot of fabric suppliers and accessory stands. I hope to keep my hand in textiles and am looking to create my own scarf line sooner rather than later.
I had a fabulous summer going from Sardinia to the island Maddalena (b...

This year gave us more cherries than I have ever seen! Please help yourselves from this bowl!
This is just to catch up with a few of our little trips. Paris had a huge surprise for me. The Grand Palais has been restored and now houses the incredible sculpture by Anish Kapoor.You can even walk inside this gigantic aubergine. Inside it is red and I presume like being in a womb. It is warm and everyhing is diffused with a warm g...

It's a while since I blogged but things have been busy. I went on my second dying course near Biella. Casa Clementina is a new initative where a young Italian couple invite textile experts to teach weaving and dying (natural dying only!)
 I had fun on the first course creating a rainbow colour card using dried plants mainly. Stefano, Sissi's wife ran the course and she produced delicious meals.
Sabina my friend came ...

I spent the most magical Easter ever in the UK...not only for the fairytale pre-wedding euphoria but for the AMAZING hot weather. 22°C minimum each mothers' garden was in  tulips offset by bluebells, yellow irises, pink ornamental cherry blossom....Bath at it's best! I was inspired to paint this new canvas 30 x 100cm in acrilics.
We  couldn't have celebrated Easter in a more traditional way. My mo...

April is for Italy there are white and green ones, and green ones that turn to pink.

My recipe is for the green ones with whole grain rice.
Cut off the woody stems and discard. The tips should be cut and kept to add to the risotto. Steam the stalks.
Chop 1 large yellow onion and fry gently. (If you don't have a lot of time pre-cook the rice for 10 minutes in a pressure cooker) then add to the...

Spring is here! We have even celebrated Indian Holi, it's time to have fun with colour! In India people throw colours all over each other, we just restrained ourselves and put a bit of pink pigment on Anand and Poorvaja! I had to let rip though and use more colour than that so I painted a panel for Luca's new office by the Duomo in Como. It was fun to work BIG! 2m x 3.6m.....I was inspired by street art and graffiti, Being a marketing a...

For three hours we were cocooned in our metal shell hurtling through a landscape half hidden by cloud. (Our faithful Fiat Punto is still with us!) A hint of Spring now and then, yellow balls of forcythia, golden daffodils and new born lambs. Finally we arrive in Vals, a tiny village and  thermal baths. The hotel is a made up of 3 huge white and blue modern buildings set among the lanky pine trees. I am trasported silently up 7 floo...

March continues with the exploration of Indian culture. Poorvaja is teaching us Bolly-yog...she starts her class with Yoga and then continues into her dance class. The dance is inspired by a song about a beautiful girl who loses her ear-rings in a market. The dance accompanies the words with movements portraying her story.
You can see her dance following this link


Shakespeare said said 'if music be the food of love then play on'..but I say if food gives the mood for love then eat! Valentine's day is always a good day to bake so I tried my hand at some cookies made with some chopped peel from my mum's marmalade; the result..have already made a second batch and more are requested!
We have an Indian couple staying with us, Poorvaja and Anand. She had the same idea as me to put her heart on a...

Hello there,
This blog has been a bit slack..sorry if I have'nt logged in for a while. I had a wonderful trip to London where the museums are always inspiring. First I saw the Tigers in Asian Art exhibition at Asia House. There were 2 rooms full of miniatures mainly from India and China. There were Japanese woodblock prints from the V and A and one incredible contemporary piece by Wang Jin. It was a transparent plastic coat with ...

As I said in my last blog I am 'la Beffana' or witch in Italy, having been born on January 6th instead in France it is Epiphany, the day of the 3 kings. I love to eat the Galette des Roix and was fortunate enough to be in Paris to eat one! They are made from pastry and a sort of sweet almond centre with a tiny ceramic king inside. We ate in this fairytale like breakfast room which is near Chez Paul in Rue du Lappe. Chez Paul  is on...

Hydrogen filled balloons, mistletoe and a candles everywhere...Our hall with its huge white mirror was bedecked with fake icicles and real ivy, the balloons with their long trailing ribbons created a magic was party time and we wanted to live it up! The capone Thank God were a great success (see previous blog), although Luca had to sew them up as the skin was so tough. First he had to skewer the skin before using a darning n...

This is it…we have finished another year and we have had yet another Italian Christmas..mmmm not at all what I used to have back in England so I have to cook if I want turkey. Christmas is not for the fainthearted or is highly meat based with butter, mayonaise and more calories then you would care to count…
Christmas Eve is when in Lombardy you traditionally eat cappelletti di carne, tiny hand made p...

 After many days of snow and working hard in my my studio, I have produced many new pieces. I am very inspired at the moment to paint animals. I tried my first leopard on a sea coloured background. I need to use turquoise. I keep buying turquoise clothes and accesories so it's normal that it should come out in my work!
 This  past weekend the sun shone gloriously after another heavy snowfall. Luca, my husband ...

The Colour Factory or Fabbrica del Colore is the name I am giving to my home in Brunate 700m above Lake Como. It is here that most of my creations take place. Our magical place looks onto Monte Rosa, the mountain that turns pink first thing in the morning with the rising sun. The house can be reached by a very steep mountain road wth hair pin bends..not for the faint hearted, or by funicular, the easier option. It takes just 7 minutes t...