This amazing project dreamed up by Suora Giovanna, was opened by the bishop on the 7th of June. The whole house was renovated and then a team of us recorated the inside which was dark and gloomy.

I painted the principal door with a poem created by my French friend, Michel Auzet:

'Dans le regard des soeurs et sous les yeux des mères, la lumière des ailes, la musique des ailes, insectes et oiseaux, reçues quelles te portent'.

The house is for abused children. It has 2 floors for sleeping. I painted the second floor with a door saying 'love opens doors'.
Outside the kitchen I painted a cake and by the lift I painted a turquoise orange tree.
This floor is for kids who have been separated from both parents. The other floor is for children and mothers.

The paintings of 12 artists were displayed on the ground floor on the opening day. Now they are available on-line.

This house is run by Franciscan sisters and is a wonderful example of what a team of people can do to help the community.